Marie Curie Early Stage Training multi Site "DEASE"

(FP 6, starting Sep 2006 for 4 years)

"Differential equations and Applications in Science and Engineering"

abstract :

The goal of the DEASE project is to create a multinational and multidisciplinary Early StageTraining site (mEST) where the partners run a "joint PhD training programme" in a core field of Applied Mathematics : (Partial) Differential Equations are the basic mathematical description for many phenomena in physics, biology and other fields of basic science as well as in (fluid) mechanics, nanotechnology and other fields of engineering and technology.

Special emphasis is laid to scientific computing in the sense of computational biology and computational physics, with a cross- fertilization both in modeling and numerical methods.

Based on well established local ``doctoral schools'' that have already passed a most rigorous peer review, both for the excellence and the relevance of the field, relatively little additional funding of the EC is asked in order to enhance the impact of these PhD training sites on a European level and to implement new transnational training structures.

The 5 participating teams in 4 countries compose a carefully selected consortium : the WPI Vienna, the ENS in Paris/Cachan, the MIP in Toulouse, the TU/Uni Hamburg-Harburg and the FORTH in Heraklion have all a very strong track of succesfull participation in international research training projects that shall now be adapted to the goals of FP6. The participating senior scientists are mathematicians, as well biologists and physicists /engineers.

About 55 "young researchers" will profite from the funding of this mEST in order to receive training on a high level of excellence, covering all the 3 interwined aspects of modern applied mathematics : Modeling+Analysis+Numerics. Additional training in fields of applications and in skills like teamwork, project management, ... shall make the participating PhD students fit and mobile for leading positions both in academia and in industry. All PhDs in this mEST shall be "European PhDs".