last update 2014

Research fields: Partial Differential Equations: (Asymptotic) Analyis, Modeling, Numerics & Simulations, generalized NonLinear Schrödinger Equations (NLS), Applications in Quantum Physics

Free (pre)publications on the ArXiv (for pdf files of other papers please contact me)

  1. NLS: Blow-up and Stability, Numerics, Absorbing Boundary Conditions

  1. Low rank approximations, NUFFT, Numerical methods for Micromagnetism,

  1. Measures of Correlation

  1. NLS applications for quantum physics, Gross Pitaevskii, stochastic NLS

  1. Hartree and Hartree Fock : derivation by mean field limits

  1. Multi Configuration Time Dependent Hartree Fock

  1. Wigner transforms and semiclassical limits

  1. Relativistic Quantum Theory: Dirac, Pauli equations and non-relativistic limits