Welcome to the web server of the
Summer School and Workshop : Non Linear PDEs"

Lecture room : Seminarraum C207, 2nd floor, Fak. f. Mathematik, Nordbergstr. 15

Sponsored by
  • the BM:BWK sponsored WPI thematic programme Nonlinear Analysis
  • the ESF programme "Global and geometrical aspects of nonlinear partial differential equations (GLOBAL)"
  • the European network "Hyperbolic and Kinetic Equations" HYKE ,
  • the Wolfgang Pauli Institute , Vienna,
  • the FWF doctoral school ("Wissenschaftskolleg") Differential Equations , Uni and TU Vienna
  • the START award project "Nonlinear Schrodinger and Quantum Boltzmann equations"

This "school & workshop" is a joint event of the HYKE network, coordinated by N.J. Mauser, and the WPI Thematic Programme "Nonlinear PDEs and Applications" and the ESF network "Global and geometric aspects of Nonlinear PDEs", both organized by H. Shagholian and P. Markowich. It will bring together some of the leading "seniors" and some of the most promising PhD students and Postdocs in the field in order to foster both result oriented scientific advances and high level training - actually two aspects that are closely intertwined.

This event will consist of

a 4 days "summer school", with several "introductory overview talks" , followed by

a 3 days "workshop", where talks on current research results are given.

This event will also be imbedded in the activies of the Viennese Wissenschaftskolleg "Differential equations" and other Austrian research training activities.

Registration, both for the school and the workshop, is by invitation only !
Please e-mail to one of the organizers if you are interested to attend !
Please note that there is only a limited number of places (about 30) !