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Corresponding members of the WPI

Corresponding member are former full members. Note that full membership is principially temporarily and expires 3 years after the qualifying project expires.

Besides the active voting right, corresponding members have the same rights as full members, they can attend the general assembly etc.

Corresponding members

Dickson, Barry Wittgenstein Award local address 
ERC advanced grant local address 
Gornik, Erich Wittgenstein Award local address 
Hafner, Jürgen Speaker of WK Material Science local address 
Speaker of a EU Marie Curie Training Site local address 
Hirt, Heribert Wittgenstein Award local address 
Kendl, Alexander START-Prize local address 
Palankovski, Vassil START-Prize local address 
Schindler, Sabine Coordinator of a Marie Curie Early Stage Trainin Site local address 
Speaker of the FWF Doktoratskollegs ''Computational Interdisciplinary Modelling'' local address 
Schmid, Ulrich START Award local address 
Schrefl, Thomas START Award local address 
Szmolyan, Peter START Award local address 
Unterrainer, Karl START Award local address 
Speaker of a Spezialforschungsbereich local address 
Veith, Helmut local address 

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