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Institut CNRS Pauli (ICP), UMI 2842 du CNRS à Vienne


Aug 2013 : WPI has moved, together with the Dept of Mathematics, to the 8th floor of the tower at Oskar Morgensternplatz 1, 700 m closer to the center of town.
26. Nov 2012 : Institut CNRS Pauli : Celebration of the prolongation of the UMI (Unite Mixte Internationale) in the French embassy.
26. Nov 2012 : "Pauli Symposium" on "Mathematical Modeling: New Directions and Applications", featuring P.L. Lions, S. Meleard, I. Ekeland. 15h-18h00 Institut Francais de Vienne, Palais Glam-Callas


Call for Thematic Programs 2013
Call for Olga Taussky Pauli Fellowships
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