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Upcoming events

"PI day at PI"
(Pi day 2021 at Pauli Institute)
"same procedure as last year": a "hybrid" celebration of the international day of mathematics

statements of 7 eminent mathematicians worldwide

"Thumb times PI" estimates how long covid will prevent a "presence party"...

Location: WPI Seminar Room (Vienna), Milano, Washington D.C, Bad Ischl, Shanghai, Beijing, Acre / Palestine, Paris
Time: 14. Mar 2021 (Sun) - 14. May 2021 (Fri)
On "PI day" (March 14 - 3.14) we celebrated the “International Day of Mathematics”
with an “online event”
where the same 7 collegues as last year gave short statements,
with a “prologue” by the PI director and an epilogue with a Pie.

Watch the video at:

A) “PI day at PI”, WPI director by Norbert J Mauser from WPI@ UniWien

B1) Alfio Quarteroni from Milano
B2) Doron Levy from Washington D.C.
B3) Peter A. Markowich from Bad Ischl
B4) Shi Jin from Shanghai
B5) Zhennan Zhou from Beijing
B6) Edriss Titi from Acre (Israel/Palestine)
B7) Claude Bardos from Paris

C) epilog at the WPI @ UniWien
D) "Delicious PIe" : happy end at WPI @ Klosterneuburg
WPI and ICP (Inst. CNRS Pauli)
Norbert J. Mauser
Remark: Last year the video was a spontaneous idea the day before PI day, completely improvised,
when we had to cancel the planned “presence event”.
This year we decided for "same procedure as last year"...

Thanks to Alfio, Doron, Peter, Shi, Zhennan, Edriss, Claude and Birgit & Max for the videos,
thanks to Inma, Marine, Walter for technical help.

Workshop on "Nanostructured multiphase permanent magnets"

Time: 16. Sep 2021 (Thu) - 17. Sep 2021 (Fri); Opening: 9:00
and MMM = research platform "Mathematics-Magnetism-Materials" @ UniWien
Thomas Schrefl (WPI c/o TU Wien)

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