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"Daumen mal PI" = "Thumb times PI" ("Rule of the thumb")

"(un)reine mathematik - (un)wichtige mathematik"
"(im)pure mathematics - (un)important mathematics"
(external website )

Location: WPI @ Wien + Lodi + Washington D.C. + Vienna + Shanghai + Peking + Cambridge + Paris + WPI @ Klosterneuburg
Time: 14. Mar 2020 (Sat) - 1. May 2020 (Fri); Opening: 15:00
On "PI day" (March 14 - 3.14) we reflect on the question which aspects of mathematics (plural !) are the most important for science and society:
is it "theorems and proofs" ?
is it "models, estimates and simulations" ?

This "event" is sort of sequel to the "Pauli Symposium" 2018 "How many mathematics ?":
(The renormalized answer was "there are 2.6 mathematics", by the way...)

CHANGE: due to Corona restrictions at Univ.Wien, that hit WPI as its partner ,
the event has taken place in an appropriate "online format":
watch full video at

A) PI lecture by Norbert J Mauser from the WPI @ Univ. Wien
watch the lecture here

B1) Alfio Quarteroni from Lodi
B2) Doron Levy from Washington D.C.
B3) Peter A. Markowich from Jeddah/Vienna
B4) Shi Jin from Shanghai
B5) Zhennan Zhou from Beijing
B6) Edriss Titi from Cambridge
B7) Claude Bardos from Paris

C) epilog at the WPI

D) "Delicious PIe" : happy end at WPI @ Klosterneuburg
Norbert J. Mauser
Remark: The video was a spontaneous idea the day before, it was completely improvised,
the blackboard lecture was given with 15 minutes of preparation,
mathematics friends all over the world were asked on the very PI day if they could send a 2 min video, as it comes spontenously to their mind.

An interesting "synchronicity" (entanglement ?!) happened between Shi Jin in Shanghai and me in Vienna: completely independently we chose the topics "how to estimate the value of PI by polygons" and "how to Quantify Uncertainty".

In the end, these videos combine to "A beautiful message":
our global community will survive the corona crisis,
we scientists can help to overcome and prevent such crisis !

We mathematicians should combine the skills and results of "Pure math" and "Applied math" for the best of "Mathematics in the Applications" !

Thanks to Alfio, Doron, Peter, Shi, Zhennan, Edriss, Claude and Birgit for the videos
thanks to Inma, Yvette, Hans Peter and Walter for technical help.

I am looking forward to the sunny day when we will meet all together again to have a "Pauli symposium" on "Mathematics has no borders", where we share "A delicious PIe".

For the weeks, months, years to come I wish us courage and patience,
may the world that arises from the corona crisis be a better one for fighting the climate catastrophy.

Norbert J Mauser

PS: the choice of mathematicians who present a short video was more or less random among my personal global friends who had a few hours to answer to my request, also related to the time shift between Asia, Europe and North America - the 3 continents where I have been working.
I chose Alfio as first, he is locked in the European epicenter of corona, and Claude as last, as the "doyen" of a large community celebrating his 80th birthday on 4.April.

Note that China, "by coincidence", has 2 of the 7 speakers, with the only "youngster" among them.
Things are shifting from the USA to China, with Europe in the middle ...

Kick-off meeting of the new Univ. Wien "research platform" MMM = "Mathematics-Magnetism-Materials"

Location: WPI Seminar room
Time: 15. May 2020 (Fri) - 16. May 2020 (Sat); Opening: 11:00
short presentation of the people and the research at the platform
Univ. Wien platform MMM
Dieter Suess (U. Wien)
Sofia Kantorovich (WPI c/o U.Wien)
Norbert Mauser (WPI c/o U.Wien)
Thomas Schrefl (WPI c/o DUKrems)
Remark: Due to corona crisis it is very unlikely that a "presence event" can take place in mid-may.
We are prepared to make it a "virtual meeting", probably using "Discord".

Multi-scale models, from numerical methods to the mathematics of emergence (external website )

Location: WPI c/o Fak Math @ Univ. Wien, Oskar Morgensternplatz 1, 1090 Wien
Time: 30. Jun 2020 (Tue) - 3. Jul 2020 (Fri); Opening: 10:00
conference in honour of the 60th birthday of Pierre Degond
Inst.CNRS Pauli
Fak.Math. Univ. Wien
Center for Nonlinear PDE Vienna
Giacomo Dimarco (U. Ferrara)
Amic Frouvelle (Paris Dauphine)
Sara Merino Aceituno (WPI c/o U. Wien)
Laurent Navoret (U. Strasbourg)
Norbert J. Mauser (WPI & ICP c/o U. Wien)
Sebastien Motsch (Arizona State University)
Remark: Due to corona crisis it is unclear if a "presence event" can take place beginning of july.

WPI is prepared to make it a "virtual conference", probably using "Discord".

13th Plasma Kinetics Working Group Meeting

Location: WPI, OMP 1, Seminar Room 08.135
Time: 20. Jul 2020 (Mon) - 1. Aug 2020 (Sat); Opening: 9:00
Alex Schekochihin (U. Oxford)
William Dorland (U. Maryland
Greg Hammett (Princeton)
Remark: Due to corona crisis it is unclear if a "presence event" can take place in july.
WPI is prepared to make it a "virtual summer school", probably using "Discord".
Possibly a few people (the organizers) can be present at WPI and we do a "mixed techniques" summer school.

Workshop on "High-dimensional stochastics" (external website )

Location: TBA
Time: 7. Sep 2020 (Mon) - 9. Sep 2020 (Wed); Opening: 9:00
Fred Espen Benth (U. Oslo)
Almut Veraart (Imperial College London)
Christa Cuchiero (WPI c/o U.Wien)

Events of the past month

Computational Schrödinger and Dirac equations – some open/new questions/approaches

Time: 1. Apr 2020 (Wed) - 3. Apr 2020 (Fri); Opening: 16:00
Mechthild Thalhammer (U. Innsbruck)
Remark: Due to corona crisis this "presence event" cannot take place in early april 2020.

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