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with funding from the Austrian Ministry of Science and Research ( bmwfw "Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft und Forschung")

The WPI invitation program started in 2004, with funding from the ministry of research and science. Its aim is to strengthen both the international and the internal cooperations of Austrian research groups in the fields of mathematics, computer science, material science, physics and biology. The invitation program is structured into thematic programs lasting between three months and one year. Their subject is always related to the research projects of Austrian groups (not necessarily groups of members of the WPI). Every thematic program is organized by a group of organizers including at least one local organizer working in Vienna, and one or more (Olga Taussky) Pauli fellows.

WPI thematic programs typically involve research visits of scientists from abroad (for periods from a few days up to two months), working groups, workshops, summer/winter schools and conferences.

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