Norbert J. Mauser , zero draft of the homepage, 2014

Research / Publications Teaching

Professor of Mathematics at the Fak. f. Mathematik of the Uni Wien , Austria
Director of the Wolfgang Pauli Institute
Directeur de l' Institut CNRS Pauli" , Unite Mixte Internationale : UMI 2842 du CNRS
"Co-Direktor" der Jungen Kurie of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) .

Coordinator of HYKE , the EU research training network "HYperbolic and Kinetic Equations : Asymptotics, Numerics, Applications"
Coordinator of DEASE , the EU Marie Curie Early Stage Training multi Site "Differential Equations and Applications in Science and Engineering"
Speaker of MONUS , the University Priority Research Area project "Modeling, Numerics and Simulations with Nonlinear Schrodinger and Boltzmann equations"
Executive Board Member of the FWF "Wissenschaftskolleg" ("PhD Programme") "Differential Equations : Models in Science and Engineering"
Principal Investigator of the subproject "Dynamic correlated systems" in the FWF Sonderforschungsbereich "ViCoM : Vienna Computational Materials Laboratory"
Principal Investigator of the bilateral French-Austrian ANR-FWF project LODIQUAS "Low Dimensional QUAntum Structures: Mathematical Modeling and Simulation "

Principal Investigator of the START Award "Nonlinear Schrodinger and Quantum Boltzmann equations"
Principal Investigator of the FWF project "Asymptotics and Attractors of Hyperbolic Equations in Relativistic Quantum Mechanics"
Co-Investigator of the FWF project "Mathematical Models and Characterization of BioFETs"
Principal Investigator of the WWTF project "Ultrafast spectroscopy and time dependent density functional theory"
Co-Investigator of the WWTF project "Correlation in quantum physics"
Co-Investigator of the WWTF project "Mathematics and Nano-Sensors"
Co-Investigator of the Stadt Wien - OeAW project "Multi-scale modelling and simulation of field-effect nano-biosensors"

Steering Committee Member of the "CNRS Groupement de Recherche Europeen" ("European Research Group of the CNRS") "Mathematics and Quantum Physics"
Steering Committee Member of the "CNRS Groupement de Recherche" ("Research Group of the CNRS") "CHANT : Equations Cinetiques et Hyperboliques : Applications, Numerique et Theorie"

Member of the "Strategie- and Planungskommission" of the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) .

Associate Editor of the Journal "Asymptotic Analysis"
Associate Editor of the Journal "Communications in Mathematical Sciences "

Mailing address:
Wolfgang Pauli Institute c/o Fak. f. Mathematik
Oskar Morgenstern Platz 1,   A-1090 Wien

Office location: entrance Berggasse or Horlgasse,
Mathematics Tower south of the building, 8th floor
e-mail :   mauser at
Phone:   +43-1-427750663
Fax:       +43-1-427750650