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Mini-Workshop on Logic, Proofs and Algorithms (external website )

Location: TU Wien, Lecture room HS2 Theresianumgasse, Theresianumgasse 27, 1040 Vienna (http://www.studyguide.at/static/plaene/gif/E_Theres2_0229_00_1-1.gif) Wed, 6. Jun (Opening: 10:00) - Wed, 6. Jun 12
Logic, Algorithms
Vienna University of Technology
Prof. Thomas Eiter, Prof. Stefan Szeider
Barnaby Martin Durham University http://www.dur.ac.uk/barnaby.martin/ "Parameterized Proof Complexity" Moritz Müller University of Vienna, Kurt Gödel Research Center for Mathematical Logic http://www.logic.univie.ac.at/~muellem3/ "Parameterizations of strong proof systems" Venkatesh Raman Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India http://www.imsc.res.in/~vraman/ "Fixed parameter tractability of satisfying beyond the number of variables" Neeldhara Misra Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai, India http://www.imsc.res.in/~neeldhara/ "Separators with Non-Hereditary Properties" Friedrich Slivovsky Vienna University of Technology http://www.kr.tuwien.ac.at/drm/slivovsky/ "Backdoor sets of QBFs and resolution-path dependencies"

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