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In intensive cooperation with the French CNRS the WPI carries the “Institut CNRS Pauli”.

The “Inst CNRS Pauli” is an “International Research Laboratory” (aka “Unité Mixte Internationale”), which means that French scientists can work abroad at the Inst CNRS Pauli as if it would be a laboratory (UMR) in France. For CNRS employed scientists this means a simple “détachement” to a new CNRS unit which can be done in a few weeks. For university employed scientists a “délégation” to the CNRS has to be approved first, which takes nearly a year.

The Inst CNRS Pauli was founded in 2004, and continously prolonged, passing the rigourous multi-step evaluation for 4 times.

The signature of the contract by the General Director President of the Board (“PDG”) of the CNRS and the president of the WPI took place as a high level ceremony in the French embassy:

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