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Adaptive numerical methods and simulation of PDEs (2007)

Organizers: Silvia Bertoluzza (CNRS Pavia), Albert Cohen (U. Paris), Norbert Mauser (U. Vienna, WPI), H. P. Stimming (U. Vienna), Christoph Überhuber (TU Vienna)


Siwy, Zuzanna (UC Irvine) WPI Seminar Room C 714 Fri, 12. Oct 07, 14:00
Ion Transport Through Nanopores: From Living Cells to Diodes, Transistors and Oscillators
Transport through nanopores and ion channels exists in virtually all biological cells and is important in such things as the regulation of heart function, nerve signals, and delivery of nutrients to the cell. Nanopores have also started to play a major role in contemporary biotechnology, because many separation and sensing processes require pores with nanometer-sized openings. My scientific interests have been focused on fabricating synthetic single nanopores with applications in biophysics and nanotechnology. The nanopores that we fabricate by the track-etching technique have diameters as small as 1 nanometer, they have controlled geometry and surface chemistry. I will show application of these nanopores as (i) models of biological channels, (ii) devices for controlling the flow of ions and charged molecules in a solution e.g. ionic diodes and transistors, and (iii) systems for studying electrochemical oscillations. I will focus on our results on preparing a nanopore that functions far from equilibrium and exhibits ion current oscillations of controllable frequency between fractions of Hz and tens of Hz.
  • Thematic program: Adaptive numerical methods and simulation of PDEs (2007)

Pinto Campos, Martin WPI, Seminarroom C 714 Wed, 23. Jan 08, 9:30
Semi- Lagrangian adaptive schemes for the Vlasov equation
  • Thematic program: Adaptive numerical methods and simulation of PDEs (2007)

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