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Nonlinear Waves (2004)

Organizers: Norbert Mauser (WPI c/o Univ. Vienna), Alfred Kluwick (WPI c/o TU-Vienna), PF Alexander Komech (U. Moscow and Vienna)

Scientific Theme and Short description of programme

Nonlinear wave equations are a fundamental class of time dependent partial differential equations and arise in many applications in science and engineering, not only in physics.

The goal of this programme is to bring together leading seniors and some of the most promising PhD students in the field of NLW and related equations like NLS (Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations), in order to foster both result oriented scientific advances and high level training - actually two aspects that are closely intertwined. The main emphasis will be on analysis; however, also applications and modeling will be subject of this programme as well as numerical simulations, e.g. on studying “blow-up” profiles in situations where the analyis is incomplete or in studying the time evolution of “solitons”.

The “summer school & workshop”, in July, organised by Y. Brenier, Ch.Y.- Chemin, S. Klainerman and A. Komech, N.J. Mauser and S. Selberg as the local organizers, is a combined 7 days event consisting of 2 series of lectures (Keel and Selberg) and 2 "introductory talks, followed by 3 days of more technical talks on the “state-of-the-art” problems. Given the very high level the field of NLW has already attained, where new progress is mostly obtained by technically very hard work, this kind of event seems most promising.

In fall, a “workshop” on analysis and numerical simulation of Nonlinear Vlasov Equations takes place at the WPI – one the goals is to develop advanced codes for the numerical solutions of equations of selfconsistent Vlasov type (Vlasov-Maxwell etc) Several internationale groups will participate in this activity, also in the training of PhD students on simulations based on the codes developed at the WPI. The WPI team also plays the interface to engineers (like A. Kluwick of the Wissenschaftskolleg) who use NLWs.

This programme will be imbedded in the activities of the European network HYKE which encompasses also several of the top US researchers in the field as well as the strong WPI Vienna teams working on hyperbolic equations with its links to the WK “Differential Equations” and to the top places in France.

This programme is coordinated jointly by N.J. Mauser, who is running a strong group in this field, financed by several projects, and A. Kluwick, who works on nonlinear wave equations from a more engineering point of view. The associated Pauli Fellow is A. Komech, thanks to whom there is a strong involvement of Russian mathematicians and physicists – in some sense Vienna will be a hub of joint research of the US, the French and the Russian schools in the field of NLW.


Workshop on Analysis and Numerics of (Semi-Non)Relativistic Approximations of the Vlasov-Maxwell system

Location: WPI Seminar Room C714
Time: 24. Nov 2004 (Wed) - 27. Nov 2004 (Sat); Opening: 18:00
Nonrelativistic Limits ("Post Newtonian Limits") of the Vlasov-Maxwell system
Vlasov-Darwin, Vlasov-Poisswell (quasistatic), Vlasov-Poisson
(Unique ?, Global ?) Weak and Classical solutions
Numerical comparison of different models in the hierarchy
Norbert J Mauser
Remark: Workshop in the frame of the Thematic Programme on "NLW"
and the HYKE network

NLW-HYKE : Summer School and Workshop on "Nonlinear Wave equations" (external website )

Location: ESI Wien
Time: 7. Jul 2004 (Wed) - 14. Jul 2004 (Wed)
Nonlinear Wave Equations : Methods, Results, Applications
Training Event of the European research training network HYKE, in collaboration with the WPI and ESI, Vienna
Erwin Schrödinger Institute (ESI) and Wolfgang Pauli Institute (WPI) Vienna, Austria
Y. Brenier (CNRS Nice)
J.-Y. Chemin (Ecole Polytechnique)
S. Klainerman (Princeton)
A. Komech (Moscow State and WPI Wien)
N.J. Mauser (WPI c/o Uni Vienna)
S. Selberg (Trondheim and WPI Wien)

Talks in the framework of this thematic program... (by date) , (by name)

Pauli Fellows

Komech, Alexander 1. Mar 2004-28. Feb 2005 local address 


Adam, Christoph 18. Dec 2004-9. Jan 2005 local address 
Antonelli, Paolo 6. Jul 2004-15. Jul 2004 local address 
Brenier, Yann 6. Jul 2001-14. Jul 2001 local address 
26. Dec 2004-30. Dec 2004 local address 
Buslaev, Vladimir 5. Oct 2004-30. Nov 2004 local address 
Calogero, Simone 6. Jul 2004-15. Jul 2004 local address 
Candela, Simona 7. Jul 2004-14. Jul 2004 local address 
Catania, Davide 6. Jul 2004-15. Jul 2004 local address 
Comech, Andrew 1. Jan 2005-20. Feb 2005 local address 
Dafermos, Mihalis 6. Jul 2004-14. Jul 2004 local address 
Fanelli, Luca 7. Jul 2004-14. Jul 2004 local address 
Fjallborg, Mikael 6. Jul 2004-14. Jul 2004 local address 
Foschi, Damiano 6. Jul 2004-15. Jul 2004 local address 
Godin, Paul 7. Jul 2004-14. Jul 2004 local address 
Hachemaoui, Zakaria 6. Jul 2004-15. Jul 2004 local address 
Keel, Markus 1. Jul 2004-14. Jul 2004 local address 
Klainerman, Sergiu 1. Jul 2004-14. Jul 2004 local address 
Lax, Peter 29. Sep 2004-1. Oct 2004 local address 
LeFloch, Philippe Gerard 1. Jul 2001-14. Jul 2001 local address 
Liu, Taiping 23. Apr 2004-26. Apr 2004 local address 
Lucente, Sandra 7. Jul 2004-13. Jul 2004 local address 
Merzon, Anatoli 15. Dec 2004-15. Feb 2005 local address 
Metcalfe, Jason 6. Jul 2004-15. Jan 2004 local address 
Rendall, Alan 1. Jul 2004-14. Jul 2004 local address 
Selberg, Sigmund 6. Jul 2004-18. Jul 2004 local address 
23. Nov 2004-30. Sep 2004 local address 
Stuart, David 2. Dec 2004-15. Dec 2004 local address 
Tarulli, Mirko 6. Jul 2004-15. Jul 2004 local address 
Vainberg, Boris 26. Jan 2005-28. Feb 2005 local address 
Visciglia, Nicola 6. Jul 2004-15. Jul 2004 local address 
Weiss, Julian 7. Jul 2004-14. Jul 2004 local address 
Zappacosta, Stefano 6. Jul 2004-15. Jul 2004 local address 


Besse, Nicolas 1. Sep 2004-31. Jan 2005 local address 
Calogero, Simone 1. Nov 2004-31. Dec 2004 local address 
Dudnikova, Tatiana 1. Jan 2004-28. Feb 2005 local address 
Imaikin, Valery 1. Jan 2004-28. Feb 2005 local address 
Kopilova, Elena 1. Mar 2004-20. Dec 2004 local address 


Zappacosta, Stefano 1. Sep 2004-28. Feb 2005 local address 
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