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Quantum many-body systems and NLS approximations: experiments and simulations (2010, Prolongation from 2009)

Organizers: Thorsten Schumm (TU Vienna), OTPF Isabelle Bouchoule (U. Paris Sud), PF Peter Schmelcher (U. Heidelberg), PF Jean- Claude Saut (U. Paris Sud)

Talks in the framework of this thematic program... (by date) , (by name)


Antonelli, Paolo 6. Jul 2009-12. Jul 2009 local address 
16. May 2010-19. May 2010 local address 
Kazakov, Georgy 14. Jun 2010-19. Jun 2010 local address 


Bao, Weizhu 1. Apr 2010-30. Apr 2010 local address 
Faraj, Ali 1. Jun 2010-31. Jul 2010 local address 
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