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Databases and Ontologies in Advanced Information Systems (2010, Prolongation from 2009)

Organizers: Thomas Eiter (TU Vienna), OTPF Monika Henzinger (U. EPFL, Lausanne)


Symposion on Algorithms and Knowledge Representation (external website )

Location: TU Vienna, Kontaktraum Gusshausstraße 25-29, Stiege (staircase) 1, 6.Stock (floor)
Time: 1. Jun 2010 (Tue) - 1. Jun 2010 (Tue); Opening: 14:00
Online Algorithms for Packet Routing in Lines and Grids (2 pm)
Representing Preferences Among Sets (3 pm)
Learning semantic representations of words and sentences using inverse lambda: using answer set programming as a target language (5 pm)
TU Vienna
TU Vienna: Institute for Information Systems

Talks in the framework of this thematic program... (by date) , (by name)


Guy, Even 25. May 2010-5. Jun 2010 local address 
Hermann, Nicholas "Miki" 12. Apr 2010-30. Apr 2010 local address 
Hunter, Anthony WWTF - 12. Apr 2010-17. Apr 2010 local address 
Truszczynski, Miroslav (Mirek) WWTF - 29. May 2010-3. Jun 2010 local address 
Wang, Qing 20. Jul 2010-25. Jul 2010 local address 
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