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Scientific Computing (2005)

Organizers: Wilfried Gansterer (U. Vienna) Martin Burger (Kepler U. Linz), Christoph Ueberhuber (TU Vienna), Johannes Grotendorst (FZ Juelich), Christian Schmeiser (WPI, TU Vienna)

Scientific computing deals with the mathematical modeling of complex phenomena from the sciences, often in terms of PDE models, and with the computational processing (“solving”) of these models in order to compute quantities of interest. Solver performance is a major concern for simulations based on PDE formulations, because currently available solvers may require 50% to 95% of execution time and may be the limiting factor in terms of memory bandwidth limitation and processor scalability (in the parallel case), i.e., PDE solvers limit the performance before any other part of the codes. Conse-quently, in the computational phase, the major focus of activities is on the challenges of proc-essing and “solving” such models efficiently on modern computing systems. There is great potential and interest among researchers in Vienna to intensify activities in this direction and to start a coordinated effort to achieve major breakthroughs in this area by utiliz-ing the great synergetic potential between various research groups. 1 The Thematic WPI Program “Scientific Computing” is meant to provide further support and motivation to strengthen and intensify this effort. The scientists and mathematicians to be invited are world leaders in the area of scientific computing and are in particular central fig-ures in the newly emerging multiscale movement. Close interaction with them will closely connect the Austrian (Viennese) initiative with leading international activities and therefore will strongly increase international visibility of the Austrian researchers involved. In the modeling phase, multiscale methods are new and promising approaches to capture the multiscale nature of many physical phenomena. Recent years have seen a rapid increase in activities based on this approach, primarily at the level of developing new analytical models and frameworks for addressing important PDE-based problems in the sciences. The main idea behind such approaches is to identify different scales (temporal, spatial, etc.) in the phenome-non to be modeled, to identify and isolate the dynamics of interest, and to structure the models such that the focus is on the respective scales of interest. That means, the less interesting as-pects have to be modeled in a system that can be discretized over a more modest range of scales. So far, there are still many open questions how to extend and carry over the ideas and con-cepts of multiscale modelling into the computational phase and how to fully exploit their po-tential on modern computer systems. In other words, investigation and development of “mul-tiscale computation” as the logical continuation of the concepts and ideas of multiscale mod-eling is a very important emerging topic in modern scientific computing.


Minicourse “The young persons guide to Euler and Navier Stokes equations: how not to earn one million dollars with mathematics”
Claude Bardos (WPI and Paris 7)

Location: WPI seminar room, Nordbergstraße 15, C 714
Time: 27. Feb 2006 (Mon) - 2. Mar 2006 (Thu); Opening: 11:30
Introduction to the Euler and Navier stokes equations:
existence and uniqueness analysis: methods and (open) problems.
6 lectures at 11:30-13:00 and 15:00-16:30 on Feb. 27, March 1, and March 2
C. Bardos, N.J. Mauser
Remark: Lecture series recommended for WK students !

"Conference on Scientific Computing" (external website )

Location: WPI Nordbergstr 15 /
Time: 9. Feb 2006 (Thu) - 11. Feb 2006 (Sat); Opening: 14:00
Confirmed Speakers: Achi Brandt, Peter Deuflhard, Jack Dongarra, Björn Engquist, David Keyes, Ulrich Langer, Graham Richards, Horst Simon, Axel Voigt
Silvia Bertoluzza, Martin Burger, Wilfried Gansterer , Norbert Mauser, Christoph Überhuber

Minicourse on "Numerical methods for conservation laws"
C. Ringhofer (WPI and ASU Tempe)
(external website )

Location: C714 Nordbergstr. 15
Time: 16. Jan 2006 (Mon) - 25. Jan 2006 (Wed); Opening: 11:00
WPI, Thematic Programme "Scientific Computing"
W. Gansterer, N.J.Mauser, C. Schmeiser
Remark: Lecture series recommended for WK students !

Miniworkshop on "Scientific Computing Challenges in Electronic Structure Computations" (external website )

Location: WPI Nordbergstraße, Seminar Room
Time: 9. Nov 2005 (Wed) - 9. Nov 2005 (Wed)
Wilfried Gansterer
Remark: confirmed speakers: R. Harrison (Oak Ridge), S. Goedecker (Basel), G. Kresse (Wien), K. Schwarz (Wien), T. Müller (Jülich), O. Gervasi (Perugia), A. Scrinzi (Wien), W. Kreuzer (Wien)

Talks in the framework of this thematic program... (by date) , (by name)

Pauli Fellows

Ringhofer, Christian 1. May 2005-31. Mar 2006 local address 


Bertoluzza, Silvia 27. Nov 2005-2. Dec 2005 local address 
8. Jan 2006-13. Jan 2006 local address 
Brandt, Achi 9. Feb 2006-11. Feb 2006 local address 
Deuflhard, Peter 9. Feb 2006-11. Feb 2006 local address 
Dongarra, Jack 10. Feb 2006-12. Feb 2006 local address 
Engquist, Bjorn 10. Feb 2006-12. Feb 2006 local address 
Gervasi, Osvaldo 8. Nov 2005-10. Nov 2005 local address 
Goedecker, Stefan 9. Nov 2005-9. Nov 2005 local address 
Hanushevsky, Andrew 21. Sep 2005-22. Sep 2005 local address 
Harrison, Robert 7. Nov 2005-10. Nov 2005 local address 
Holcman, David 10. Nov 2005-13. Nov 2005 local address 
Keyes, David 9. Feb 2006-12. Feb 2006 local address 
Khosrovshahi, Gholamreza B. 23. Oct 2005-28. Oct 2005 local address 
Klein, Christian 5. Sep 2005-16. Sep 2005 local address 
Langer, Ulrich 9. Feb 2006-11. Feb 2006 local address 
Müller, Thomas 8. Nov 2005-9. Nov 2005 local address 
Pueschel, Markus 9. Feb 2006-11. Feb 2006 local address 
Richards, Graham 9. Feb 2006-11. Feb 2006 local address 
Simon, Horst 9. Feb 2006-11. Feb 2006 local address 
Voigt, Axel 8. Feb 2006-10. Feb 2006 local address 


Bourgade, Jean Pierre 1. Sep 2005-31. Mar 2006 local address 
Miljanovic, Vera 1. Oct 2005-31. Mar 2006 local address 
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