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Modeling and Simulation of Nanostructures in biology and physics (2011, Prolongation from 2010)

Organizers: Clemens Heitzinger (WPI c/o U. Wien & Cambridge), Dietmar Ölz (RICAM, Vienna branch), Vassil Palankovski (WPI c/o TU Wien)


Workshop "BioSensors and Nano-structures"

Location: WPI Seminar Room C 714
Time: 8. Jul 2011 (Fri) - 8. Jul 2011 (Fri); Opening: 11:00
Norbert Mauser (WPI c/o U.Wien)
Clemens Heitzinger (WPI and U.Cambridge)

Talks in the framework of this thematic program... (by date) , (by name)


Bastard, Gerald 23. May 2011-26. May 2011 local address 
Boda, Dezso 7. Jul 2011-9. Jul 2011 local address 
Katterbauer, Klemens 15. Jun 2011-2. Jul 2011 local address 


Kuzmik, Jan START Projekt Vassil Palankovski 5. May 2011-4. Jun 2011 local address 
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