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Modeling and Simulation of Nanostructures in biology and physics (2010)

Organizers: Clemens Heitzinger (Cambridge & WPI c/o U. Wiena) Dietmar Ölz (RICAM, Vienna branch on Biomathematics), Vassil Palankovski (WPI c/o TU Wien)

The thematic program will deal with nanostructures, charge transport, and sensors. One focus is a new technology for the detection of biomolecules in a liquid solution, where `biomolecules' means a large class of organic molecules including proteins like tumor markers. There is an enormous interest in biosensor technology that allows for fast and cheap detection of certain substances and hence diseases in routine examinations. Our goal is to connect leading experimentalists and theorists, both local and from abroad, who work on this emerging technology, through thematic days and workshops organized at the WPI.

Another major part of the thematic program will focus on the Actin cytoskeleton and will be dedicated to its mathematical modeling and to the computational analysis of image data provided by electron microscopy. The network is constantly being reorganized, growing at the front of the cell and contracting at the rear while exerting force to the substrate via particular adhesion proteins. The mathematical description of this process is indeed challenging, as chemical signals inside the cell contribute to changes in the structure of the network as well as external chemical or mechanical stimuli.

Talks in the framework of this thematic program... (by date) , (by name)


Brinkman, Daniel 28. Jan 2011-1. Feb 2011 local address 
Calvez, Vincent 14. Feb 2011-17. Feb 2011 local address 
Klak, Aurelian 4. Apr 2011-9. Apr 2011 local address 


Kuzmik, Jan START Projekt Vassil Palankovski 5. Apr 2011-4. May 2011 local address 
Wang, Lixia ÖAW Stipendium 10. Nov 2010-31. Jan 2011 local address 
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